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International Exchange

A lecture presented by photographer and publisher of “PHaT PHOTO”magazine
Masato Terauchi entitled “Evolving International Photography Information”was
held at the JCII Building (6F) on June 19. The event was attended by
approximately 100 people and part of the lecture comments were published
in the August issue of the Journal of the Photographic Society of Japan.
On July 31st, an exchange of information between Japan and Iran regarding
photographic organizations and the status of photography in the two countries
to mark the goodwill visit to the Photographic Society of Japan of Iranian
photographer Fuad Shaker.
On the same day, a group meeting was held by Photographic Society of Japan
and Japan Photographers Society with the founder of the Three Shadows
Photography Art Centre, RongRong and Inri, who were visiting Japan from
Beijing, China. RongRong and Inri explained about the evolving situation
regarding photography in China, and an article by Rumiko Ishida, the curator
of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, about the status of
photography in China, including items discussed during the meeting with
RongRong and Inri, was published in the November issue of the Journal
of the Photographic Society of Japan.
From October 15th to 19th, the 22nd FAPA (Federation of Asian
Photographic Art) Congress was held in Luxi County, Honghe State,
Yunnan Province, China. The congress was attended by 350 participants
with 50 organizations participating; six representatives of the Photographic
Society of Japan were in attendance. Participants were provided with
a precious opportunity to photograph the village of a minority ethnic group
as well as take part in exchange with photographers from countries throughout Asia.
The year 2010 marked the bicentennial of the founding of the Republic of
Argentina, and the Photographic Society of Japan provided cooperation for the
photographic contest that was held by the Argentine Embassy in Tokyo as part
of the bicentennial celebrations. The Society provided backup in all aspects of
the contest, from staging the contest to judging, and the 47 winning entries were
exhibited from December 16th to 25th at the AiDEM Photo Gallery“Sirius”,
providing an excellent opportunity to introduce Argentina to the Japanese public.
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