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The Month of Photography - Tokyo 2010

The 15th the Month of Photography, Tokyo was held in May and June to coincide
with the Annual Day of Photography on June 1st. The event was organized jointly
by the Photographic Society of Japan and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of
Photography, with the generous sponsorship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
the Ministry of the Environment, the Agency for Cultural Affairs,
the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and the Thai Ministry of Culture; the kind
support of 25 other businesses and organizations; the special support of
the Tourism Authority of Thailand, START Lab Inc., and YUKI TORII;
and the special support and cooperation of many others.

Domestic photographic exhibition:
“Forest in Japanese?Blessings of Biodiversity”

This domestic exhibition, in which each photographer displayed works on the theme of a “forest”inhabited by many organisms taken from a fresh perspective, provided an opportunity for viewers to better understand and appreciate the importance of
· Hakushi Maeda: “The Blessing of Life”; Epson Imaging Gallery epSITE ,
May 21st to June 3rd
*Traveling exhibition: “Town of Photography”Higashikawa Cultural Gallery,
July 3rd to 22nd
· Masana Izawa: “The World of Mushrooms: Forest Cycle”; Pentax Forum,
May 26th to June 7th
· Mitsuhiko Imamori: “Village Hills in Japan”; Canon Gallery Ginza,
May 27th to June 2nd
*Traveling exhibition: Canon Gallery Umeda, June 17th to 23rd;
Canon Gallery Nagoya July 22nd to August 4th
· Yukio Ohyama: “The Woodland”; Fujifilm Photo Salon,
May 28th to June 3rd
·“ The Landscape in Japan”(exhibition of the works of four photographers-
Yujin Kubota, Kiyoshi Tatsuno, Takeshi Fukazawa, and Kentaro Fukuda-
produced by “Fukei Shasin
(landscape photography) ”editor-in-chief) ; Olympus Gallery Tokyo, June 3rd to 9th
*Traveling exhibition: Olympus Gallery Osaka, June 24th to July 7th;
Gallery Koto (formerly Contax Salon), July 8th to 13th
· Mitsuhiko Imamori: “Village Hills: Coexisting People and Nature”;
Konica Minolta Plaza Galleries B & C; June 1st to 22nd

International exhibition “Photographers in Asia 2010: Thailand”
This exhibition of the works of 13 Thai photographers was held in three venues.
In these exhibits?which show a diverse range of expression, from documentary-style black-and-white works to digitally processed colorful art-like works-
the photographers examine from their own unique perspectives the various changes
that have occurred in Thailand over the past 40 years as the result of the nation
pushing forward with industrialization.
In addition, during the exhibition, four prominent Thai photographers including
Manit Sriwanichpoom, Waranun Chutchawantipakorn, and Kamthorn Paowattanasuk
visited Japan and exchange took place between them
and Japanese photo enthusiasts and eople related to the Japanese photographic
world through seminars, gallery talks, and press meetings.
·“ Thai Photography Now Part I”; Ginza Nikon Salon, May 26th to June 8th
·“ Thai Photography Now Part II”; Ricoh Photo Gallery RING CUBE, May 26th to June 6th
·“ Thai Photography Now Part III”; Place M, May 31st to June 11th

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